Communique for Prison Solidarity Action- Sept 9 StrAPT

Strike Against Police Terror(StrAPT) is calling for Prison Solidarity Actions to support the nation-wide Prison Strike on this September 9th. The more autonomous actions in solidarity with prisoners, the better. This large scale coordinated work strike of prisoners is a model that we could all learn from. StrAPT is in full support of a collective relearning of the Strike as an under-utilized historical tactic. As workers/consumers we have the power to withhold our work and or withdraw from the economy in an organized fashion to strike blows towards those in positions of influence whom are directly responsible for our exploitation and even genocide.

Strikes and work stoppages are the same tactics that have won us the 8 hour work day, the weekend, and other such small concessions from the State. But what would it mean for us to demand the “impossible” or the necessary? To demand for the complete abolition of the police, prisons, or State itself? What would it mean to strike to reimagine and assert our collective autonomy?

How to support the strike from home should you not have the emotional/physical capacity to “show up” to any given Prison Solidarity Actions called for by any group, collective, or organizational space:

  1. Call into work sick. If Black, call into work Black. If at work, slow down your business as usual. Take a long lunch, agitate with those coworkers you feel you can talk to.
  2. Take a Selfie (digital self portrait) and post it on your social media outlet with any signage that supports the prisoner’s strike on the day of, using the hashtag #IStandWithStrikingPrisoners or also to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Attica Rebellion use  #IStandWithTheAtticaRebellion
  3. Call often throughout the day to flood the lines of your neighborhood oppressive jails, prisons and detention centers; for LA prison strike solidarity there are several numbers to contact: the Twin Towers Correctional Facility at (213) 893-5100 Main Lobby (213) 974-4082 Inmate Services Bureau / Inmate Programs Unit (213) 893-5242  and the Metropolitan Detention Center (213) 485-0439
  4. Tune into any on the ground actions being livestreamed on social media by following #StrikeAgainstWhiteSupremacy #StrikeAgainstPrisonSlavery or #StrikeAgainstPoliceTerror

*It is important to build our capacity by including all oppressed peoples. This listed intention is to also center our comrades and friends in struggle with emotional, physical, or mental health disabilities who are often the most targeted by State sanctioned violence in relation to constructed poverty, environmental racism, disclusion from the workforce due to their disability, increased police state extra-judicial killings and incarceration. People With Disabilities must not only be merely included, but also be centered in how we can effectively organize.

Let’s make some noise for the many prisoners who suffer from multiple layers of oppression on the inside who are striking to better or transform their conditions. We should consider the effects this will have on folx on the inside as well as how it directly affects us on the outside. How this strike has the potential to directly disrupt prison industry.  An industry heavily benefitting the wealth and accumulation of capital for corporate interests and profit. Financed by the dollars we give to these corporations (Whole Foods, Verizon, Star Bucks, McDonalds, Sprint, American Airlines, Victoria’s Secret +) sustained by the exploitative labor of its many prisoners, mostly black & brown with an increasing number of womn of color (Cisgendered, Transgendered, Intersex, and Gender Non Conforming).

Incarceration has become a new housing structure in conjunction with manufacturing in prisons, increased militarization of the police and its man-made borders. Connected to city development(Gentrification, Corporate Lobbying) that displaces poor working class communities of color through criminalization (Gang Injunctions, targeting unlicensed vendors and “undocumented” workers), all while serving the financial gains and interests of those heavily invested in the prison industry.

We ask that you help conspire to SHUT IT DOWN and to also commit to responding to calls for support of prisoners who will likely undergo even more repression after this day. This is for them on the inside and for us. This strike will potentially halt subordination. This can pave the way for future strikes against those who expect us to labor for them while we face a rise in police killings and State militarization. Let us honor the many killed in custody or those still forced to live in cages on stolen land.

Save the date, September 9th. No work, no school, no jails.





Call for LA Sept. 9 Prison Strike Solidarity Action

Food for the people!
Pop-up resource share for released prisoners!
Workshops & Tabling!
Open Mic!

RUSH HOUR. Rally, Speak Out, Noise Demo! Be heard!

Corner of Vignes/Cesar Chavez
Twin Towers/Men’s Central Jail

The movement against police terror and repression is part and parcel with resistance against the United States’ brutalizing incarceration system—the frame-up and imprisonment of revolutionaries, solitary confinement, and the systematic super-exploitation of incarcerated workers.

The strike is an effective weapon against capitalism and can be used to build resistance against police terror. By shutting down the economy through strikes, we can build groundwork for a combative worker and oppressed people’s movement for collective liberation from capitalism, imperialism, and colonization. When the state’s agents of repression kill—whether they’re border patrol, ICE, police, or sheriffs—we can raise the call to take the streets, block roads, halt production, and shut it down. Currently, we are organizing a solidarity action in Los Angeles for the National Prisoners’ Strike taking place on September 9—the 45th Anniversary of the Attica Rebellion.

Strike Against Police Terror (StrAPT) was formed not only as a response to police executions and prisons, but as a way to grow collective action against the interlocking systems of domination that exists, to connect and draw from our different efforts (and communities), and to act in solidarity with one another. As a group, we oppose the capitalist political parties in the occupied US, as well as capitalism and imperialism worldwide.

StrAPT seeks to organize with those who face multiple layers of oppression, centering Black, Indigenous, trans, undocumented, immigrants and people with disabilities. We aim to organize with all workers: union, non-union, unemployed, underemployed, disabled, and incarcerated. We aim to collaborate with various groups, collectives, organizations and struggles in which we find a common axis and common action, in order to build our capacity to strike back at the system that attacks us. The September 9 solidarity action for the Prisoners’ Strike is part of these efforts with hope toward rolling strikes as the agents of police terror continue the escalation of killings and imprisonment.

We honor the struggle of all captive people by centering incarcerated and formerly incarcerated peoples, related families, people of color and particularly Black trans women, trans women of color, undocumented peoples and people with disabilities who are in the clutches of the prison system.

We invite affinity groups, collectives, and organizations to collaborate for a vision of Prison Strike Solidarity.  Please contact us if you’d like to set up a workshop or teach-in, perform, table or participate in the pop-up resource share for released prisoners.