About StrAPT

We welcome all oppressed and working class people to join in this tactic to fight police terror and state violence! Along with the protests, transportation shut downs and militant actions against police terror the weapon of the strike has been less utilized. The strike is an effective weapon against capitalism and can be used to build resistance against police terror. By shutting down the economy through strikes, we can build groundwork for a combative worker and oppressed people’s movement for collective liberation from capitalism, imperialism, and colonization. When the state’s agents of repression kill— whether they’re border patrol, ICE, police, or sheriffs—we can raise the call to take the streets, block roads, halt production, and shut it down.

Strike Against Police Terror (StrAPT) was formed not only as a response to police executions and prisons, but as a way to grow collective action against the interlocking systems of domination that exists, to connect and draw from our different efforts (and communities), and to act in solidarity with one another. As a group, we oppose the capitalist political parties in the occupied US, as well as capitalism, imperialism and colonization worldwide.

StrAPT seeks to organize with those who face multiple layers of oppression, centering Black, Indigenous, trans, queer, undocumented, immigrants and people with disabilities. We aim to organize with all workers: union, non-union, unemployed, underemployed, disabled, and incarcerated. We aim to collaborate with various groups, collectives, organizations and struggles in which we find a common axis and common action, in order to build our capacity to strike back at the system that attacks us- with hope toward rolling strikes as the agents of police terror continue the escalation of killings and imprisonment.